Mini Oil Mill Plant

At OM Engineering Works, we are manufacturing mini oil mill plants with various production capacities and selling around the globe. A Mini oil mill plant covers a range of oil extraction machinery together to improve oil production efficiency, perceive essential oil yield, and enhance workers' job safety. The entire oil mill plant is simple to manage, install, and operate. All these oil machinery can be simply connected as one comprehensive oil plant to produce oil from various edible and non-edible seeds.

Complete Mini Oil Mill Plant

Generally, a Mini Oil Mill Plant made up of:

  • Decorticator: A Decorticator which is required in some of the mini oil mill plants to remove husks or shells like Groundnut or Sunflower seed
  • Coconut Cutter / Copra Cutter: It is used for coconut oil extraction plant to cut whole copra into small pieces.
  • Baby Boiler:A baby boiler is used when seeds need to steam or cook like groundnut, sesame, castor, sunflower, etc. Not all seeds need to be processed with boilers like mustard, copra, cottonseed, palm kernel, Rapeseed, kernel seed, etc.
  • Mini Oil Expeller Machine: The Mini Oil Expeller crushes the oil seeds to manufacture oil and oil cake.
  • Oil Filter Press Machine: Oil generated from mini oil expeller machine transfer to oil filter press machine to filter oil naturally without any chemical.
  • Bucket Elevator: Bucket elevators are the necessary element of Mini oil mill plants and they are utilizing in the material handling procedures particularly when feeding at elevation during the oil-producing procedure.
  • Screw Conveyor: Screw Conveyor is also one of the material handling machines which offers easy, quick, and led the transfer of materials by the process line in enterprises.

There are various benefits of mini oil mill plants, that's why its gaining demand amongst small size farmers who have decided to involve themselves in this profitable oil production business. Let's go through some of the advantages of a Mini Oil Mill Plant:

Features of Mini Oil Mill Plant

  • Mini oil mill plant is very easy to install, operate, and handle.
  • One of the Best small scale businesses for own industry. It is the best business for villagers, farmers, seeds dealers, clients having oilseeds.
  • It is the best business for villagers, farmers, seeds dealers, clients having oilseeds.
  • Less man power requirements and the techniques used in the mini oil mill plant are so easy which isn't required training to operate.
  • Oil cake is a by-product of oil production, which is helpful to many farmers in farming and also feed to animals as its high in nutritious.
  • The oil generated is of high quality with its natural filtration.
  • It requires very low investment so there is less risk.
  • It requires very less space to install complete plant.
  • Power consumption is very low.
  • Maintenance is very easy.

As cooking oil is the basic requirements of humans, it is an evergreen business.

  • SHED : About 400 sq.ft. to 1200 sq.ft./li>
  • MANPOWER : Only two to four persons, one skilled and other unskilled.
  • CAPITAL : As per proforma invoice + working capital.
  • POWER : Mini Oil Mill Plant runs by 10 HP to 35 HP Electric Motor OR 16 HP to 36 HP Diesel Engine with different Mini Oil Mill Plant.